Purposeful Practice/Fluency Activities

Additional Standards Practice

Module 1

Place Value, Powers of 10, Comparing, Operations with fractions

5NBT7 Decimal Dynamo Mod 1 Topic DE.pdf

Decimal Dynamo

5NBT3 5NBT7 Race to a Meter: A decimal game Mod 1 Topic B.pdf

Race to a Meter

5NBT3 5NBT7 Sum with Decimals Mod 1 Topic B.pdf

Sum with Decimals

5NBT3 5NBT7 Sum with Decimals Part 2 MOd 1 Topic B.pdf

Sum with Decimals Part 2

5NBT3 Corn Shucks Mod 1 Topic B.pdf

Corn Shucks

5NBT4 5NBT7 Race to 1 or Bust Mod 1 Topic D.pdf

Race to 1 or Bust

5NBT4 5NBT7 Race to 10 or Bust Mod 1 Topic D.pdf

Race to 10 or Bust

5NBT4 5NBT7 Shopping Spree Mod 1 Topic D.pdf

Shopping Spree

Module 2

Multiplication and Division of Fractions, Whole Numbers, Decimals

5OA1 Operation Target Mod 2.pdf

Operation Target

5NBT5 Multiplication Mix-up Mod 2.pdf

Multiplication Mix-Up

5NBT5 5NBT6 Double Dutch Tread Mod 2.pdf

Double Dutch Treat

Module 3

Equivalent Fractions

5NF Equivalence Color the Door Mod 3 Topic A.pdf

Color the Door

5NF Equivalence Review .pdf

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Module 4

Line Plot, Fractions as Division, Conversions

5NF4 Parts of a Whole MOd 4 Topic C.pdf

Parts of a Whole

5NF4 The Whole Matters Mod 4 Topic E.pdf

The Whole Matters

5NF5 Greatest Product Mod 4 Topic E.pdf

Greatest Product

Module 5

Area, Shapes, Volume

5.MD.5 Packing Blocks Mod 5.pdf

Packing Blocks

Module 6

Coordinate Plane

5.G.2 Blackbeard's Treasure Box Mod 6.pdf

Blackbeard's Treasure Box

5NBT3 Pieces of Eight Mod 6 Mod 1.pdf

Pieces of Eight

NBT Review EOY Review.pdf

Race to the Finish Line

EOY Review