KCUSD Math Resource Guide Grade 5

California Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

Grade 5 Mathematics Item Specification

  1. Claim 1:  Concepts and Procedures Target A: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    Write and interpret numerical expressions. (DOK 1, 2)

    5.OA.A, 5.OA.A.1, 5.OA.A.2

    Target B: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    Analyze patterns and relationships. (DOK 2)

    5.OA.B, 5.OA.B.3

    Target C: Number and Operations in Base Ten

    Understand the place value system. (DOK 1, 2)

    5.NBT.A, 5.NBT.A.1, 5.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.A.3, 5.NBT.A.3a, 5.NBT.A.3b, 5.NBT.A.4

    Target D: Number and Operations in Base Ten

    Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths. (DOK 1, 2)

    5.NBT.B, 5.NBT.B.5, 5.NBT.B.6, 5.NBT.B.7

    Target E:  Number and Operations—Fractions

    Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions. (DOK 1,2)

    5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.A.2

    Target F:  Number and Operations—Fractions

    Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions. (DOK 1, 2)

    5.NF.B, 5.NF.B.3, 5.NF.B.4, 5.NF.B.4a, 5.NF.B.4b, 5.NF.B.5, 5.NF.B.5a, 5.NF.B.5b, 5.NF.B.6, 5.NF.B.7, 5.NF.B.7a, 5.NF.B.7b, 5.NF.B.7c

    Target G:  Measurement and Data

    Convert like measurement units within a given measurement system. (DOK 1)

    5.MD.A, 5.MD.A.1

    Target H:  Measurement and Data

    Represent and interpret data. (DOK 2)

    5.MD.B, 5.MD.B.2

Target I:  Measurement and Data

Geometric measurement: understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and to addition. (DOK 1, 2)

5.MD.C, 5.MD.C.3, 5.MD.C.3a, 5.MD.C.3b, 5.MD.C.4, 5.MD.C.5, 5.MD.C.5a, 5.MD.C.5b, 5.MD.C.5c

Target J:  Geometry

Graph points on the coordinate plane to solve real-world and mathematical problems. (DOK 1)

5.G.A, 5.G.A.1, 5.G.A.2

Target K:  Geometry

Classify two-dimensional figures into categories based on their properties. (DOK 2)

5.G.B, 5.G.B.3, 5.G.B.4

Grade 3-5 Mathematics Item Specification

  1. Claim 2:  Problem Solving Students can solve a range of well-posed problems in pure and applied mathematics, making productive use of knowledge and problem-solving strategies. (DOK 2) 5.NBT.B, 5.NF.A, 5.NF.B, 5.MD.A, 5.MD.C, 5.G.A

  2. Claim 3:  Communicating Reasoning Students clearly and precisely construct viable arguments to support their own reasoning and to critique the reasoning of others.  (DOK 1, 2, 3) 5.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.B.6, 5.NBT.B.7, 5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.A.2, 5.NF.B, 5.NF.B.3, 5.NF.B.4, 5.NF.B.7a, 5.NF.B.7b, 5.MD.C, 5.MD.C.5a, 5.MD.C.5b, 5.G.B, 5.G.B.4

  3. Claim 4:  Modeling and Data Analysis

    Students can analyze complex, real-world scenarios and can construct and use mathematical models to interpret and solve problems. (DOK 1, 2)

    5.NBT.B, 5.NF.A, 5.NF.B, 5.MD.A, 5.MD.B, 5.MD.C, 5.G.A

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